Sunday, March 14, 2010

PASSED my driving test on my first attempt

i PASSED my driving test on my first attempt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ yahoo!!!!~

alhamdullillah...cant wait to drive my dad's car! hehehe..maybe hmm..dis wkends? yes ah!!!~...den after i drive ard my family...we can go jalan n makan!~ Tanx to Rain who accompanied me there...u bring me luck ah :D

i cant wait to get my driving license(card photo) in 2-3 wks time...hehe... oh ya!~ Rain took a picture of me b4 n after my test hehe...farni will be up soon coz my digi is wif him :D

i went back home told my mom dat i failed...haha...den she tricked my dad dat i failed...tak ke terkejot org tua tu..."Bapak kau kan slenger kalo bedek mesti caya punyer ah!" ahahahahaha well i celebrated it wif brader Moshee n sis Herda @ Compass Point where we met up wif YumYum at her work place...she's so slim...aaaarggggh!~ *kita jeles* nice to meet u Yum :D

had dinner at Banquet den DURIANS!!!! yummy!!!~ *bUrp* ehehhe...ish!~ bau durian lerrr....went home wif packets of durian,retro biscuits n popiah from Moshee...Tanx bro ;) had a great time wif u guys!~ yeah!~ :D